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Wonders of Words is a wonderful software that teaches reading and writing to children ages six to ten. It is designed to enhance children's language skills systematically.

There are four games in Wonders of Words. They work together to build progressively more advanced skills required for reading and writing. It teaches spilling, word classification, grammar and sentence construction. Children can also write and illustrate their own stories.

Wonders of Words has over 2,000 words and 1,000 pictures in the program. Your budding young writers will blossom with this program. There is a wonderful world of words that is awaiting to be explored in their lives. This program will help start them on the journey.

The Word Mine is full of treasure of words, and children are there to explore and dig up those treasures. They may hear the words, match the words with pictures, or spell the words.

The Word Warehouse teaches children how to categorize words. The Word Warehouse has four storage units each holds a word. A train will travel across the warehouse carrying various words. Children are asked to pick words belonging to a specific category until the warehouse is full.

The Sentence Bridge teaches children how to construct simple sentences. The bridge is broken when the game starts. It has a sentence template on the bridge that is created using the grammatical categories defined in the Word Warehouse. The bridge can be repaired by filling appropriate words form the logs piled near the river bank.

The Story Castle is the place for the children to exercise their skills and creativities. They can create their own book with texts and illustrations. The completed books can be saved on the disk and opened later to be read.


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